This e-book is based on course material developed over two decades teaching creative writing to adult students. It is a comprehensive how-to guide to writing stories, novels and non-fiction of all kinds. It covers getting started, building confidence, suspense, mystery and romance, family history and autobiography, writer's block, with loads of interesting and productive activities to try. The book is an extensively revised and reformatted version of an earlier manual, A Beginner's Guide to Practical Writing, published (by me) in 1991.

Reviews for Practical Writing:

"... one of the best pocket courses in writing I have read" (Freelance magazine, September 1991)

"A good many who already consider themselves to be writers could learn from her book – professional journalists among them" (Christchurch Press, 28 December, 1991)

" ... a commendably commonsense text to get you started and keep you restarting" (Wellington Dominion, 14 March, 1992)

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Writers are always talking to each other over coffee or lunch about what they do, how they do it, what concerns them, and how they manage their working lives. The eight essays in this short e-book cover some of the topics discussed, such as what gets us started, how we balance professional and practical matters, the value of creative writing courses, and other aspects of the writing process.

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This e-book contains nine short stories, plus one fable, about people who find themselves in situations that nudge them into facing facts, taking risks, taking action or taking umbrage. The settings include beaches, suburbia, small towns, a party, a school, a committee room and a hearth, where wise advice falls on deaf ears - as it usually does.

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THE BLUE MOON and other stories

A collection of stories and poems written and illustrated for the grandchildren over the years of their childhoods. The book is unpublished.

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