For the convenience of those interested in old sailing ships, here is a list of the blogposts about my great-grandfather Captain Thomas Eddes Phillips’s voyage to New Zealand in the ship Euterpe in 1879. Captain Phillips was employed by Shaw, Savill, and he was the master of Euterpe on this and several other voyages to and from New Zealand.

If you are interested in information that I may have about this or any other voyage of Euterpe, or wish to ask others, or make contact, you are welcome to post a message here. I will deal with messages as soon as I can.

First Catch Your Rat                                                               (27 November 2010)

Euterpe – A Queer Sort of Night                                            (8 December 2010)

Euterpe - Water Water Everywhere                                        (28 August 2011)

Euterpe – An Esteemed Master                                               (1 December 2011)

Euterpe – Dead Horse Day                                                     (22 December 2011)

The Euterpe Times                                                                   (27 January 2012)

Euterpe's Engineer Loses Finger                                             (24 February 2012)

Great Potato Scandal                                                               (1 March 2012)

A Wild Encore on Board Euterpe                                           (23 March 2012)

A Distant Voice in the Darkness                                             (22 April 2012)

Dunnikins, Ablutions and Filth                                               (13 May 2012)

Euterpe: Stormy Weather Part I                                              (3 June 2012)

Euterpe: Stormy Weather Part II                                             (6 June 2012)

Euterpe: Fun and Games                                                         (2 July 2012)

Euterpe: Master Alec's Albatross                                            (10 August 2012)

Euterpe: The Most Memorable Day                                        (6 December 2012)

Marmalade, Sugar and Leather Laces                                     (10 August, 2013)

Porker’s Latter End                                                                 (27 August 2013)

Euterpe: Merry-making and Fine Conversation                      (5 November, 2013)

Euterpe: The Voyage of 1879: Land Ho!                                (20 November, 2013)

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